Who should be on my health care team?

Talk to your health care provider about problems taking your HIV medicine.
March 19, 2021
What do I need to do as part of my HIV care?
March 19, 2021

Who should be on my health care team?

Finding a health care teamexternal icon that is knowledgeable about HIV care is an important step. Your health care team will help you manage your care and treatment.


Primary HIV Health Care Provider

Your primary HIV health care provider should lead your health care team. Your primary HIV health care provider may be a

  • Medical Doctor (MD or DO),
  • Nurse Practitioner (NP), or
  • Physician Assistant (PA).

Your primary HIV health care provider will

  • determine which HIV medicine is best for you,
  • prescribe HIV medicine(called antiretroviral therapy or ART),
  • monitor your progress and help you manage your health, and
  • put you in touch with other HIV providers who can address your needs.

Other HIV Providers

Your health care team may include other providers who are experts in taking care of people with HIV.

  • Allied health care professionalslike nurses, mental health providers, pharmacists, nutritionists, and dentists.
  • Social service providerslike social workers, case managers, substance use specialists, and patient navigators.

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Programexternal icon provides access to medical care, medicationexternal icon, and essential support services if you need assistance.